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Things You Need to Know


Donnie’s Dots LLC strongly encourages Members and its’ Visitors to actively participate in the Donnie’s Dots LLC Website, Social Platform, Online Community, to share perspectives and/or experiences. One of the most accessible ways to involve yourself is through the Donnie’s Dots LLC Social Website Platform. However, it is important that all Visitors and Members keep in mind that Donnie’s Dots LLC is accessible to anyone around the world with diverse Members. All content should remain respectful and be respected by others.


In this ‘Code of Conduct’ any points applied to Members, should also be applied to all Staff members and Vendors of Donnie’s Dots LLC:


This ‘Code of Conduct’ applies to any Individual using any Donnie’s Dots LLC platform or (one of) its’ members on any other social media platform.

 1.A. Social Media Platforms

 The Donnie’s Dots LLC online community refers to any social media platform enabling an interactive form of online communication, including but not limited to; Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


1.B  Purpose

 The purpose of this document is to:

  • To encourage all members to take part in the Donnie’s Dots LLC online community by using the Donnie’s Dots LLC Social platform

  • To ensure that all members feel comfortable participating in the Donnie’s Dots LLC online Community.

  • To ensure a positive atmosphere is created on all social media platforms

  • To safeguard the principles and integrity of Donnie’s Dots LLC on all social media platforms

Responsible use of Social Media

The opinion, knowledge and experiences of any member is considered valuable. Enabling interactive discussions between members online creates a unique opportunity that potentially aids the development of Skin Care, Skin Conditions, Skin Disorders medically, locally, nationally, regionally and internationally. However, this can only exist when all social media platforms are used responsibly.

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