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At Done With Dots, we are your go-to, done-for-you source for coaching and consulting solutions. We believe that everyone has the potential to thrive, both personally and professionally. We provide expert coaching and consulting services designed to improve your life and your business. Whether you are feeling stuck or simply need guidance, our team of experienced coaches and consultants can help you navigate your challenges with clarity and confidence. And as a bonus, we offer same-day services, so you can get the assistance you need when you need it.

Business Owners and Career Professionals



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This Is For You If...


You do not know how to convey your thoughts, message, and/or mission on paper.


You underestimated the amount of work the project required, so you are not sure if you can meet your projected deadline.


You are not familiar with the software, systems, and strategies that are required to complete your work.


You just don't want to do it. This is not your area of expertise and you don't feel confident with what you have tried on your own.

Look At The Instant Relief...


We specialize in helping busy professionals improve their workflows and productivity, so their hands are free to tackle other pressing items on their priority list. With our customized solutions and team of experts, you can trust us to help you overcome your biggest challenges and achieve your goals faster. 


We offer customized services that are structured to help you achieve your goals without the burden of learning complicated strategies or investing in expensive software. Our approach is simple, affordable, and effective, making the process of producing your project seamless. Our mission is to provide you with the necessary tools, resources, and support to ensure your success. 


Our team of qualified and experienced professionals is committed to providing you with the support and guidance you need to succeed. With our expertise in project management, we ensure that your projects are completed efficiently and seamlessly, giving you the confidence and peace of mind you need. 


We know that finding the right help can be a challenge, that’s why we created Done With Dots. We take care of the small details so you can focus on the big picture. Our same-day services ensure that you receive high quality work on time, guaranteeing that your project is a success. .


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No Need To Worry. We Got You Covered.

Promotional Products Marketing

Freebie Fix

This is a lead generation that we create to captivate your target audience. It is normally in the form of a free product, guide, service or samples that you give in an exchange for their information.

Consultation Coaching Consulting

Form Submission

This is a tool that is used for current or prospective clients to submit information. The form has to be properly designed and built to collect proper date and trigger the right action.

Email Marketing

Email Campaign

This helps to build your business and reach new customers by providing content, automations, and segmentations.

Brand Products

Brand Development

This is often used for business owners who need assistance developing their company's identity, logo, mission, and message. This can also be used for rebranding.

Business Proposals Technical Proposals

Onboarding Development

Acclimates employees, contractors, clients and/or customers to the company's policies and/or procedures.

Sale Branding

Marketing & Sales Strategy

If you are not sure how to market or sell your business but you are looking to increase your clients, your personalized marketing & sales strategy will bring you consistency and quality with your marketing brand.

Launch Strategy

Launch Strategy

This is the service that you need if you have a new product, service, or program that you want to release to the public but are not sure about the best way to do it.

Social Media Management Content Creator

Social Media Management

Don't have the time to manage your social media platforms? Free your hands with your own social media manager!

UX and UI

Website Development

 We work with various website applications, ensuring that your website is designed with the best layout, functionality, user experience, and interface. 


Assessments, Quizzes or Surveys

This can be used a freebie fix as well, but this tool can be used to collect data from current clients to analyze it for future decision making & strategies.

Creating Content

Social Media Content Creator

This is perfect for those that need to enhance their social media presence with high-quality content.

Business Proposals and Technical Proposals

Technical Proposal

This is an extensive presentational document that contain an introduction to the product or service. It is an explaination of how it will help address the receipient's  problem, the company's execution plan, and technical details of the deal.

Planning Organization Organize Time Management

Business Proposal

This is a written offer from a seller to a seller to a prospective sponsor. Business proposals are often a key step in the complex sales process. This is needed when the buyer considers more than just the price.

Time Management Structure Systems

Naming & Pricing Strategy

If you are not sure what to name & price your products,services, and programs, gain confidence through our unique naming & pricing strategy!

Business Business Development Startup business

Marketing & Promotional Products

This is ideal if you want to build brand awareness through items that you would like to giveaway. They usually feature your company's information with social media handles. 

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pricing packages & plans

At Done With Dots, we understand that the needs and expectations of individuals and businesses differ, and so do our pricing structures for coaching and consulting services. Our unique pricing structure reflects our commitment to accessibility, which is why we bundle our services together to offer a great value to our clients. For individuals seeking personal development and growth, our pricing is tailored to provide affordable and flexible options, ensuring access to high-quality coaching that caters to individual goals. On the other hand, for businesses aiming to enhance team dynamics, leadership skills, and overall organizational effectiveness, our business-oriented pricing reflects the comprehensive and tailored solutions we offer. We recognize the unique challenges faced by businesses and strive to provide value-driven services that contribute to their success. Whether you're an individual on a personal journey or a business aiming for corporate excellence, our transparent pricing model ensures that you receive the right level of support and expertise to achieve your objectives.

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Done With Dots is committed to providing the highest level of coaching and consulting services available. We work with individuals and organizations, big or small, to help them unleash their full potential. We encourage feedback and growth in all areas of our business, which is why we value your input. If you have worked with us, we ask that you leave us a Google review so that others can hear about the positive experiences that our clients have had with us in the past.

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