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At Done With Dots, we understand that the needs and expectations of individuals and businesses differ, and so do our pricing structures for coaching and consulting services. Our unique pricing structure reflects our commitment to accessibility, which is why we bundle our services together to offer a great value to our clients. For individuals seeking personal development and growth, our pricing is tailored to provide affordable and flexible options, ensuring access to high-quality coaching that caters to individual goals. On the other hand, for businesses aiming to enhance team dynamics, leadership skills, and overall organizational effectiveness, our business-oriented pricing reflects the comprehensive and tailored solutions we offer. We recognize the unique challenges faced by businesses and strive to provide value-driven services that contribute to their success. Whether you're an individual on a personal journey or a business aiming for corporate excellence, our transparent pricing model ensures that you receive the right level of support and expertise to achieve your objectives.

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  • The BizTrack System Impact

    6x 60 minute online coaching sessions, Unlimited Email Support Between Sessions
    Valid for 6 months
    • Private Consultation
  • Done By Week

    2 Consulting Sessions=1 Week, Multiple Projects, In Between Support
    Valid for one week
    • Consulting By Week
    • Private Consultation
  • Done By Month

    160 Hours=Multiple Projects, In Between Session Support
    Valid for one month
    • Book By Month
    • Private Consultation
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