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Connect the Dots: Discovering Self-Love with Skin Imperfections Book

Connect the Dots: Discovering Self-Love with Skin Imperfections Book

Are you someone who has battled with a skin condition and often feels embarrassed or afraid to share it with someone who may not be able to relate to what you are going through? Do you know someone who battles with a skin condition and cares to know more about their experience without having to interrogate them? If you have answered “ yes,” then this is the perfect pathway for creating open dialogue with those that may not be aware or those that may share the same condition as you. YOU are not alone. Although your life is epic, it is still only your own experience. Connect the Dots: Discovering Self-Love with Skin Imperfections will provide a wilder experience that you will no longer have to stumble for words to describe your emotions.

Keloids, eczema, psoriasis, vitiligo, acne, warts, melanoma- and we are only scratching the surface here-are a variety of skin conditions that people suffer in silence with daily. Connect the Dots provides transparency in facing discrimination, judgement, and insecurity as well as awareness to the lack of knowledge. If you struggle with self-confidence, if you feel discouraged to wear certain things like a swimsuit, if you are not satisfied with the surgical results that you continuously invest in, then Connect the Dots will provide clarity for your uncertainty and get you connected to others like you!

Connect the Dots: Discovering Self-Love with Skin Imperfections is for those who desire a deeper illustration for how keloids can reconstruct the body and deconstruct self-esteem.

Dahnisha Adams, Author of Connect the Dots, has lived with keloids for over 15 years with 51 keloids, and she shares her personal journey, providing a voice for all ethnicities affected by keloids. This book will dissect the real-life experience of a living with a severe skin-condition.

Although you can google the definition of the skin condition, Connect the Dots provides you with first-hand insight so you can learn how it feels to live with skin imperfections. If you do not suffer with a skin condition, you will become knowledgeable about the internal effects behind the scars.


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