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A Creative Never Rushes

Creators have a variety of characteristics that you may be interested to learn more about. If you have ever worked with or supervised a creative- you have probably witnessed rebelliousness or resistance to operate within the strict guidelines that have been given to them. One of the key things to remember is that you cannot put restrictions on them and you definitely cannot rush them.

8 Reasons Why A Creative Never Rushes

  1. They can focus on their project for endless hours because of their energy. Their passion behind that idea provides them the energy they need to nourish it to life without any restrictions.

  2. Creatives tend to be smart but a little naïve. Therefore, they try to find the balance in executing their vision and learning when to abandon it.

  3. Creative people are disciplined; but they have the ability to be playful. This fun characteristic gives them the opportunity to take a break from their endless hours of work and to return to their project with a “fresh pair of eyes.” This provides the creative with a new perspective.

  4. Time is of the essence for most people but not for a creative. They are random, imaginative and realistic. They can daydream about something that will trigger a thought. Thoughts then produce a random question or statement; but then promptly reality keeps them grounded after mapping out the logistics on how to execute it.

  5. A change of environment or trying something new is important to a creative. They need that time to feed their introverted & extroverted characteristics. These experiences can provide originality.

  6. Then suddenly the ideas begin flowing immensely! The creative is ecstatic that everything is finally coming together that they may appear disorganized. Although they understand they must prioritize projects- to a creative, they want to do everything NOW.

  7. Their passion and objective behind their inspiration has to align. Initially, it may have made sense to the creative how to execute their artistry but just because you are passionate about it, does not mean it will lead to great work.

  8. A creative is in tune with their emotions and needs time to feel all the feels. They are usually open about their ideas and upcoming projects that they are willing to receive constructive criticism. Although that feedback was beneficial to their project, it can still be devastating to hear that their expressiveness was not well received. However, when they apply the changes and it is praised, they experience joy to again.

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